Slide we are a boutique law firm ABOUT:

SBA Shadley Bien-Aimé is a
boutique law firm
dedicated exclusively to the representation of individuals and businesses at all stages of criminal, regulatory or other government investigations.

Slide TREND SETTERS Its roots in the Montréal criminal defence community run deep, having been created by Richard E. Shadley Q.C., Ad. E. more than 50 years ago.

Throughout its decades of existence, the firm has produced some of the best lawyers that the city has to offer, many of which have gone on to become judges in first instance and appeal.

Slide TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE Shadley Bien-Aime distinguishes itself not only by its history but by its collaborative practice. One of the only true criminal law partnerships in the city, our members are collectively invested in the success of each case that enters through our doors. Together, we approach every case with an uncompromising dedication to securing the best results for our clients relying on our skill, experience and tenacity.

Slide We, at Shadley Bien-Aimé, do not back down from any challenge. We live to be gamechangers.